White Magic

As a rule the spells for the love are spells of white magic, are it also the spells that reconquer a loved being who has moved away, the enchantments to obtain the fidelity in the pair, to make friendship, to make sure loyalty a person, for the success in the studies, in the businesses, to attract the abundance, in conclusion: all spell that has like unique aim the good. The white magic is the philosophy or the ethics of the magic, because the spells that are realised use or and to help the fellow, to attract the love, the luck and the success and never to damage, to hurt or to invoke negative events towards no alive being. We can say, without fear to mistake to us, that the subtle changes that realise the diverse cultures, will not affect the results if it is counted on vehement desire, the faith in the own one to be able and the sufficient knowledge that it guides at the time of knowing to us what must or is not due to do in order to avoid adverse effects. The rituals, enchantments or spells of white magic vary much everywhere of the world, because they depend to a great extent in the lessons that have been transmitted of parents to children or teachers to initiates. We see, for example, many similarities in the rituals from an end to another one of the planet, in which one or the other word has been varied, a change in the talisman or the involved deity, etc.

have been realised. If you would like to know more about Glenn Dubin, then click here. He is natural that thus happens, because each culture will find the power in the deity that is to him familiar and not for that reason it will stop being effective the spell. Another one of the factors to consider is the responsibility before the effects, that soon is very difficult to revert. For example, to attract a person who soon we realize that is not as we believed and that will be very difficult soon to move away it; to obtain an employment that does not satisfy us nevertheless and we will have to fight with him day after day. For that reason he is recommendable before realising any spell, or white magic the money to meditate the step very well that we are going to give, to deliberate with we ourself and to determine if that is what truly it agrees to us.

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