Yenko Dancing

Maybe you have reason Rodriguez Zapatero and most importantly, both in the economy and in life, is not that they add the accounts, but face them with optimism. With that, the man is a master. Not admitted the crisis in Spain until enough! said Europe and the poor Elena Salgado had to commit a fateful Sunday in May to reduce our debt by the brave. Phoned him own Barak Obama to support adjustment and ZP, as Saul in his day, cayose of the horse and he, until then champion of social policies, became like crazy to remove money to pensioners and civil servants. To tell the EU that this wasn’t enough, rather than eliminating benefits, grants and other perfectly dispensable Levantine of our hypertrophied State apparatus, he liquidated at a stroke 6.4 billion in public works that well would have been able to alleviate unemployment. It is that, as in the letter of the yenko, that dance in the 1960s (left, right, left, right, forward, back, a, two,) three), each step that our President gives it is antagonistic of the previous.

The penultimate, in a new outburst of optimism by have been cheaper the placement of Treasury debt, has been to invest 500 million in public works again. The following contradictory movement the Minister Jose Blanco has anticipated it will be raising taxes because once again they will be returned to descuadrar accounts and when the EU become aware of that does not leave us it will put like a basilisk. And with good reason. Not us apuremos, however, because before end of year, unfortunately, all this will see it.

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