You Obsessions And Other Rituals

When the fixed ideas and obsessive fears, understand it medical them or treats them as simple, behaviour disorders. In this case, it is regardless, of what is called apparent shape, i.e. the mode of presentation and the content of the symptoms; This way, there is a risk of cronificar and even increase the suffering. Psychoanalysis, devotes special attention to the manifest form of symptoms and their content is the first time that States that all neurotic symptom, after being processed analytically, makes sense and is closely linked to the psychic life of the subject. Symptoms have – as failed acts and dreams – an own sense, an intimate relation with the history of the life of people in that show. The obsessive Neurosis and hysteria, have been among the forms of neurosis, those which most has worked in psychoanalysis, from its beginnings more than one century ago.

Especially, the first of such forms, that does not involve in overall, that mysterious extension of the psychic to the somatic, characteristic of hysteria. Filed under: Robert Bork. Sometimes, acts most elementary such as wear, sleepwear, toiletries, go to work, they become complicated problems, just solved. Representations, impulses and acts that may be considered pathological, as a way of life or justification for behavior, are not presented combined in identical proportion, as it is logical, in each case and forms, since in general, is one of the factors which dominates the symptomatic picture and characterizes it; and although all cases have common traits, each case is unique and unique; therefore not worth the recipes or tips in bulk. For even more opinions, read materials from Neil Cole. Manifestations, impulses that are strange, alien to what can be found who suffers from them, can be considered as a normal part of his personality. Someone may feel compelled to perform acts whose execution, gives no pleasure either, but are unavoidable because otherwise they feel that something very harmful for a loved It could happen. If they do not have a certain number of tiles, your father could die. If not they wash their hands eight times, exactly, could make you sick.

Such ideas (obsessive representations), can have no sense by themselves, or be indifferent to who are imposed on you; most often are apparently absurd, but they are not for the unconscious psyche. Anyone who is the feature to submit, they constitute the starting point of an intense intellectual activity, at times, exhausting, which usually leads to ruminate about such ideas, incessantly, as if it were the most important issues, I say, by psychic expenditure involving. They involve a very particular mental economy. The impulses that the neurotic experiences, can present a child and unruly character, and most of the examples, have a fearful content, many times, as an incitement to commit serious crimes, which runs away horrified; installing in your mind and your life permanent defenses against temptation, through all sorts of prohibitions, disclaimers and limitations. Such crimes and alleged wrongdoing, does not arrive, usually not even to start and are unknown to the subject; they generate feelings of guilt unconscious and in almost all cases, the leak and prudence eventually imposed, but takes them all or almost all of the vital energy.

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