YouTube String

Currently under my control are dozens of tools, it is recovered by this method and set up another issue with its restored groves should never be, but because general and the poor state of the instrument has only a "podmatyvat" more and more "foot-cloth" is already on the other pins. Technology disaster recovery chopping is quite simple, I repeatedly led her to various reports and papers for completeness of presentation will allow myself to describe it in this article. 1. Careful release "nestroyaschy 'peg to weak rings of the string. 2. With thin but strong enough screwdriver (or sew a specially manufactured device) to remove the end of a string of chopping. 3. Without removing the string completely unscrew the pin.

4. Insert a strip of seat vilberbanka corrugated cardboard thickness of about 3 mm. and the size of 20×50 mm. 5. Fix the strip to the end of the seat. 6. Insert the pin in the seat and screwing him, doing the necessary and sufficient effort, trying to screwing strictly along the axis, the procedure should be divided into 2-3 phases, as the peg for screwing enough very hot. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Starbucks.

7. Screw the peg to the original ("native"), its position in vilberbanke. 8. Gently and gently, without much effort, you must end the string at vdet chopping a hole, if necessary, however gently, to avoid possible breakage of the end of the string, put the squeeze on its end to its original position in chopping a hole. 9. Fixing and bringing the pin to the desired pitch, you need to press the strings rings so they do not "spread" and do not overlap, and placed carefully and closely. 10. If the pair does not build peg, it is necessary to equalize tension during some of the pitch both chopping a string. View the entire technology disaster recovery chopping can be seen on the video footage I Restoring fixation peg piano (YouTube) from the material shows that in a relatively short period of time and very simple to restore the connection, which previously could not provide the necessary tension of the string. Of course, in terms of a normal wizard, it looks primitive, if not simply absurd, but in the present conditions the province is simple and efficient solution for extending the life of virtually Non-Repair tools and contributes to a certain extend time period before the inevitable and massive shift in the average consumer electronics.

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