Aletto Schoneberg Jugendhotel

For and additional 2-4 you can get breakfast, internet and free guided tours at Grand Hostel Berlin or Paula’s comfy corner. Berlin alone has 85 hostels, so it is easy to find the right place for everybody. If you want to stay directly downtown, book a bed at City Hostel Berlin or helter skelter Hostel Berlin. Do you prefer Kreuzberg? There are 36 rooms Berlin or BaxPax Kreuzberg. If you like nature and prefer to stay in Grunewald, no problem, book at JETpak eco lodge or Touristenhaus Grunau. If you are looking for a particularly located hostel in Berlin, use our search option called points of interest and choose the hostel close to a main attraction or the Berlin train station, for example. Berlin has a hostel for every button of style too! There are lots of designer hostels such as Inn-Berlin hostel, that is decorated by the international artist, F. j.

Perez. All rooms in Aletto Schoneberg Jugendhotel and Aletto Kreuzberg Jugendhotel have pictures from artist Otmar Alt. Or at BaxPax Hostel Berlin you can spend a night in a transformed Volkswagen beetle. Are you looking for party hostel? Book at generator Hostel Berlin. Are you looking for hostel only for men? We even have gay Hostel Berlin.

You can easily find a place to sleep in Berlin for under 10! Where to eat cheaply in Berlin the best international food in Berlin awaits you at every corner. Of course, it depends where you are staying, but you can have delicacies and cheap breakfasts all over. Try the Turkish bakery where you get hot to coffee and a croissant for less then 2. If you like English breakfast, go to cafe tomorrow land where breakfast is from 9 am to 3 pm and starts at 2.50 or enjoy a weekend brunch until 4 p.m. for 9 including drinks. Acres of land is on Skalitzer str. 35 and is easily accessible by metro. Another great place is the anchor in Charlottenburg shore – a morning’s dream for everyone. You can have a quicky and yummy breakfast for 4, more to choose from like pancakes, bones and even sour herring (which does help with hangovers). Mostly cafes offer breakfast until 5 pm. Go to Boxhagener Strasse in Friedrichshain to breakfast and you want to be happy already with a 2 breakfast! For lunch you can try delicious pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, ‘ curry sausage, sushi, thai, chinese or vietnamese food for only 5. Dinner in Berlin can cost you between 5-150, so it is up to you on how much you want to splurge. A popular favorite dinner place is gorgonzola Club in Dresden str, Kruezberg, with fair prices, nice atmosphere and fresh Italian cuisine. Just have fun in Berlin with HostelsClub. Jorge Perez might disagree with that approach. is a young and vibrant company dedicated to providing the budget traveler with a one-stop-shop for their travel accommodation needs. Our online portal provides travelers from all corners of the globe on online engine for searching and booking destinations worldwide. That means whether you are traveling to or from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania or Africa we want to have what you are looking for. offers a wide range of accommodation choices suitable for all travelers budgets and needs.

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