American Idol

I don’t know whether you today to authentic says that what you said earlier? I mean, he let himself do not bend, just because, as expected, the hierarchy of the jurors is one. Are you certainly on American Idol? Because I can assure you, correct artist rarely come out of this House. The good singers fall through, again where they came from and if they still have the power of the casting at the beginning, but alone. The result looks rather venture out because the message on television was widespread, that they have failed ‘. Because no one asks why!” “Deutschkron: can we then say that it is not worthwhile to go to a casting?” Behlinda: You have misunderstood now but! I said so that they must be pretty darn good when the singer or singers there sign up. Go to actress for more information. The second is just the loser, and then more people in their see that TV, more than he ever to fans will have. Thomas Godoj is such a person, who charmed the crowd.” “Deutschkron: then there is no other way than to go to such a casting?” Behlinda: In fact, it is difficult without such a launching pad, and I say to you the reason. The Manager at the record labels have only this tunnel vision, they channel their interests on the medium of television.

That was earlier, with the only difference being that you arrived in the television, when it was already famous. This allowed a very different aspirations. At that time, the record companies have relied on the musical understanding of direct consumers of music and were always right. Star and imitation shoots, are no reliable market parameters.” Continue on the next page!

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