Americans Without Visa

Jose Brechner ended the massive emigration of Americans to Bolivia. From now on every citizen of the United States who want to enter the country of Evo Morales must apply for visa, according to the new decree issued by his haughty or resentful? Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Choquehuanca, the biggest enemy of culture and intelligence, after Goebbels. Was time that someone put an end to the tidal wave of thousands or million will be? Americans seeking better conditions of work and life in Bolivia, the country of endless opportunities, where their posts removes the natives. The decree will lead to despair to those who waited for years to get the nation more advanced and modern Southern Cone, with a stable economy and an enviable future to prosper, to live in peace, harmony and freedom. With its recent decision, the Indian Government is majestic stands, strikes the arrogance of those who believe powerful and launches stern warning to those who dare to ask visa to the Bolivian, which also includes the European Union, and that by logic, their citizens will have to be the next who is should require reciprocity in the permission to enter the country. The world will know from now on, with Bolivia game conditions are equal, less in football, where the high plateau claim advantage. Luckily there are countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Iran, Syria, Libya, Nicaragua, Argentina, where not asking for anything and nor Bolivia required nothing. You can travel with drugs, heavy sums of money in cash, guns, bombs, and any illegal or deadly luggage.

Having Bolivian Passport never was an advantage. Traffickers gave a bad name to the country and the Inquisition in airports is degrading to their carriers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sally Rooney. With the intimate friendship which made Morales with Islamic leaders in the Middle East, Bolivians not only have to endure to look them as drug traffickers, but now also as terrorists. Bolivia still digging its own grave, retreating each more day of civilization, returning to its wild past inconsistencies and violence of which was a small synopsis this last week, when its wise and serene lawmakers grabbed at trompadas in the Hemicycle. The obedient Morales, abides by orders of his insane Venezuelan Chief, or take farfetched measures along with their great illiterate Ministers.

The indigenous people do not have the slightest idea of how modern society works, they do not understand their codes, their principles, their laws, their motives. For the cosmopolitan Bolivian rulers the world begins and ends in his Office. Bolivia receives about 800 million dollars annually of their expatriates. They are the sustenance for hundreds of thousands of families who can hardly survive due to lack of work, poorer wages established by the Socialist regime, inflation, and the increasing rise in prices. If it unleashes a razia’s illegal in Europe, Bolivians who must return to their country will cause an unprecedented economic and social collapse. With each measure that takes the picturesque Cabinet, most sinks to the State and their constituencies will hastiando their arbitrariness, infantilism and ignorance. When Morales Primitivo assumed power, the first world countries warned their fellow residents in Bolivia, should take preventive measures for a possible emergency evacuation. The critical situation has not yet been given, but is on the menu. Many foreigners were and many Bolivians also. The central objective of the Indian Government, as indicated by his nickname, is make a purely Indian country of Bolivia.

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