Anna Maria Zimmermann

The new album by Anna Maria Zimmermann – Anna Anna-Maria Zimmermann a Sypathietragerin of the modern pop Schlager makes easy their biggest wish true. After a short break which has rightly as sunshine of the third season of Germany seeks the superstar”acclaimed singer, their long awaited wish made true. Namely her first own album to publish. Almost everything would have but quite different. Anna Maria crashed on 25.10.2010, a few hours before a promotional appearance at a discotheque, accompanied by her manager in the vicinity of Paderborn with the helicopter. With severe injury, but unbound to survival willpower, she managed this miracle also.

After weeks of the bearers, Anna has now awakened from the medically induced coma, and the planned album is just before the release. The album includes all single hits of the last 3 years, as well as more modern pop-Schlager. Produced among others by Xtreme sound (Jurgen of Drews) and Jorg Bausch. We live Hurrah with hits like 1000 far dreams” still”be free” or who is this DJ”, landed her single-charts all. Also Anna shows up with without you”, a song she recorded just before her accident, by a new and dreaming ballads page. Her new single, containing also has 7 clouds”was sampled before her accident at various discos Distributor.

It has become already in the last few weeks the absolute chart topper in the Schlager scene. She seems set, authentic and appealing positive over to bring up feelings with all of its facets in the cradle. The spiritual and physical love have no expiration date in their songs, and are instantly familiar self experience. The airy arrangements of POP Schlager robe are the key to the hearts of their fans. Just like you with your inimitable laugh, which no one can close. Simply Anna!

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