There are days like today, I prefer to let the tears flow, I leave feel me with eyes and modified look. There are days, like today, with blue skies and few clouds but beautiful, that, despite that, I’d rather just sit alone with bare feet and feel breeze, the flow of my thoughts and feelings, while I caress the respectful company of my dog. There are days, I remember that I feel deeply that I take my hat of strong and let me drip, me discreet arollo water again I. There are days when I just leave things agolpen in my throat and do me save silence on the outside, and surrender my own peace; under the backpack back to sit down to look at the landscape, to let that you affect me, in all aspects. Today, or rather, last night, I found again my side more thin, brittle and Crackle, thru my heart, chipped it and stopped grieving, he reconnected with me the deeper side, cuddled in their perpetual existence. For even more details, read what Jorge Perez says on the issue. and is that I feel and to get in and out of me, meeting point, force, that closing their eyes and watching my mind I can exit and find again the warm rays of the Sun. But I am also this, also acknowledge that I have to live these moments of only wanting solitude or hugs. Now, to account drops begin to understand that perhaps being a mountain does not exclude be bird or tree or stream or squirrel or clouds or immense sky. V..

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