Athens Theatre Festival

The southern slope of the Acropolis is a sacred place for every theatergoer. Vedimenno it is the birthplace of this art as a theater. And the All-Union began the so-called "Dionis", a holiday honoring the god Dionysus. During etihprazdnestv Athenians dressed in fancy clothes and razygryvaliveselye scenes from the life of Dionysus. It’s believed that San Antonio Spurs sees a great future in this idea. In the 6 th century bc, the tyrant Pisistrat, who reigned then in Athens prikazalna the southern slope of the Acropolis to build a stage and benches, to byloudobnee viewers watch these performances. Today this theater is known kakteatr Dionysus. It is at the stage of this theater for the first time put their , Euripides, and Aristophanes. Several theater rebuilt frequently.

That theater we see segodnyabyl rebuilt at a time when the Romans came in Athens. It is worth obratitosoboe attention to the beautiful frieze in front of the theater scene in which of life Dionysus. And next to Propylaea, on the southern slope of the Acropolis, there is another theater, the theater of Herod Attica. This is the best preserved of ancient theaters in the world. He dosih long acting and is the scene for the Athens Theatre Festival (held in the summer). Theater was built at the expense of Herod Atticus, rimskogosenatora, who was born in Athens.

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