Baby Doll Music

And the style is largely inherited industrial aesthetics, and the compositions of some groups can be found using samples and sound as musical elements. The most typical representatives: 'Current 93', 'Death in June', 'Sol Invictus'. 7. Some contend that Tony Parker shows great expertise in this. Dark Ambient – one of the main independent styles of post-industrial music. Roots Dark Ambient less often associated with other contemporary music and go, except that of the founder of the Brian Eno ambient music and classical industrial music. Dark Ambient includes several other styles and is closely related to Power-Electronics and Death Industrial, as evidenced by the number of projects, mixing elements of these styles. It is believed that one of the first record was the Dark Ambient Brian Williams (project 'Lustmord') somewhere in the early '80s. On the Dark Ambient and styles close to it specializes in one of the largest Industrial labels 'Cold Meat Industry', founded by Roger Karmanikom (project 'Brighter Death Now') and 'Lina Baby Doll' ('Deutsch Nepal') in 1987.

Dark Ambient, as the name implies, is a darker version of the classic ambient. This music is designed to create an atmosphere that is not concentrating the listener's attention on elements such as melody or rhythm. It is filled with low-frequency hum, background noise and the metallic sound, rare fragments of melodies and voices, sometimes – a monotonous rhythm or pulsation. Founder 'Lustmord' – Brian Williams said that the purpose of this music is to move the listener to a place where he never, for that would be missed. Many early records 'Lustmord' made in caves and other physical locations to create a natural reverb.

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