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Also, the car remains at least forward draught-free, while leaving the Windows closed, prepares the wind deflector and is content with less than 120 km/h. Please visit Sally Rooney if you seek more information. And in the height of summer no one moans about the heat, there is also a special coating for the seats in addition to the strong climate control. They reflect the UV rays and makes even sun shade systems. Cool seats despite above-without-look: A special coating makes even in mid-summer the seats to shadow courts. (Picture: Audi) Backbench Members of Parliament must be tough while enjoying the ride in the front row with each meters more and chooses the A5/S5 to the currently probably best convertible in this class, the joy in the Fund is not so great. Backbench sacrificing the warm air fan as well as on a seat heating. Also the leg room there is in the Fund not to the best.

Time quickly in the outdoor swimming pool or in the ice-cream parlour this is reasonable even for adults. But who goes often four, buys an open TT better a sedan with sunroof and the rest. Conclusion: Nice, fast and chance rich even though the times are too serious for fun cars, Audi has good cards. Already the A5 is close to the perfect convertible, and added with the S5 power and performance. He is also almost unrivalled: the BMW M3 is a hardtop, the AMG version of the Mercedes CLK is too old and from abroad, no one can play with in this class. DATASHEET: Audi S5 convertible motor and drive: V6 gasoline direct injection engine with compressor displacement: 2995 CC maximum capacity: 245 kW/333 HP at 5500-7000 RPM maximum torque: 440 NM at 2900-5300 RPM drive: four-wheel drive transmission: seven-speed automatic transmission with double clutch weights and measures: length: 4635 mm width: 1854 mm height: 1380 mm wheelbase: 2751 mm weight: 1875 kg payload: 500 kg luggage compartment volume: 320-750 litres of driving data: Maximum speed: 250 km/h acceleration 0-100 km/h: 5.6 s average consumption: 9.7 l / 100 km range: 660 miles-CO2 emission: 224 g / km fuel: Super pollutant class: EU5 cost: base price of the model range: 41 100 euro base price of the S5: 61 400 euro type classes: KH 18/UK 27/TK 28 tax per year (until June 30th / from 1.7.): 202 / 268 euro per year all data according to manufacturer, GDV, Schwacke important standard equipment: Security: ESP, front – and side-impact airbags, retractable roll cage comfort: air conditioning, electric hood, Central locking

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