Balboa Heroes

As cinema heroes age – or search beautiful that new heroes on movie Heroes is that they do not age. At least not in the film. No matter how often and for how many years to get a movie out of the closet, the hero is still young, even if oneself has gotten some gray years. But real life is different. The heroes of yesteryear are even older, and so their films are less.

What happened to the great action heroes of yesteryear? The answer is simple they were older. John McClane, Dr. Henry Jones junior, the T-800, Rocky Balboa and John.J. Rambo are names have written the history of film. But the heroes of yore have become old and the fans yearn for new heroes. But who can enter in the big footsteps, and how can a hero worthy step down from the movie screen? When is it time to go? Arnold Schwarzenegger has more new films as Governor of California any time. This is however not tragic, because his character of the T-800 (terminator) was a tragic but dignified end. Silvester Stallone has teamed up with rocky 6 once again as a boxer Rocky said Balboa.

This part was almost as good as Rocky 1 and concludes the saga great. His hero Rambo is finally returning home after 4 wars and has found his peace. Thus the cinema has lost two big action stars of the 70s, 80s and 90s and are still more before retirement. Indy has to die at the age of 65, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones returned to the canvas. Almost 20 years after the 3.Teil fans were allowed to enjoy at last a new adventures of its hero. The movie was good, but one Ford noted that he had come in the. Also, the film contained too many computer animations and could revive not so the charm and the magic of its predecessor.

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