Between Mini Cruise

Full speed ahead: mini – cruises are occasionally becoming more popular for the holiday. It must not go on Grand Tour: If the precious vacation days are limited and already scheduled throughout the year, working adventurers use sent remaining weekends for a short vacation on the high seas. As a romantic weekend for two, eventful cultural short break or extraordinary family outing is the mini cruise as a short vacation on the high seas in the trend. Has been due to the increased demand in the last few years the range under the mini – cruises was greatly extended by the chatters. The smaller version of the classic Lake cruise is offered by almost all tour operators of the cruise segment. With arrival on Friday and departure on Sunday or Monday they have reverted to the needs of the working target group under the Crusaders.

The long weekend offers a sufficient framework for accessing culturally and historically interesting towns. The shortened travel time are spontaneous mini – cruises and more frequently booked as a classic cruises with a longer travel time. The prices are significantly cheaper according to the shorter duration of the trip. A fresh breeze at sea is available from a few hundred euros. Special rest room offers can be found in the low season.

Mini cruises are offered from various ports. Preferably start ships from Amsterdam or keel. Mini Crusaders to forgo Lake on anything: the ships offer a similar comfort. The Seekreuzer offer the tourist a hotel-like Servicerahmen.Freizeit-sport and wave programs are often as inclusive as a complete food. The country programme can be designed individually by the holiday guest or sweeping pre-booked a guided tour. The combination of relaxation, enjoyment and discovery is intended to cover the high claims of the target group. The audience on deck is an average twenty years younger than that of the classic cruise tourists. Offers were created specially for less seaworthy vacationers. Who during the weekend short break accommodation on Country prefers a mini-cruise on North Sea or Baltic Sea as cruise can be combined with hotel accommodation. The visit to the scenic North Sea Islands can be started from a stationary target. The Internet offers a wealth of mini-cruise offers short breaks. If the search but takes longer after the voyage when the short trip is planned, is recommended to access the search service from the experts. Tourist receives a high-quality advice now also in the Internet travel agency. Online travel agencies have taken up the quality characteristic of classical travel agencies and offer ways to assist in the search for the desired short trip. The online travel portal “, is a specialist for wellness and romance travel. On call staff put together personal offers short breaks according to individual requirements to the accommodation and cruises. The combination with various Spa and romance elements is possible as well as meal requests or the Extension of the short journey through additional nights. We can expect that the mini-cruise industry will gain more market segments to the future.

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