Brazil Population

They can be perceived in the cities, the differences between the woody regions and those unprovided ones of arborization (IT HISSES, 2006). The woody places generally are more pleasant to the human directions. Contact information is here: megan fox. Currently, Brazil presents 80% of its population living in the great cities (IBGE 2000). In many of these cities, the raised population concentration and the industrial activities had caused serious ambient problems, as the waterproofing of the ground and the atmospheric pollution, beyond the reduction of the vegetal covering. The knowledge and analysis of the structures of the cities and its functions, are prerequisite basic for the planning and administration of the urban areas, in the search of better conditions of life for its inhabitants. According to PIG (2002), the squares constitute ' ' basic urbansticas units for the life urbana' '. Reflecting the thought of the author, it has of if agreeing to it, therefore in the urban scene, the squares beyond providing of the embelezamento of the cities, are spaces of leisure and meeting of people of all the ages that live estressadas with the agitated life of the urban zone. These public parks provide descontrao to the urban inhabitants for its structural and paisagsticos aspects.

Given the importance of the squares for the life of the inhabitants of cities, are basic that if it has knowledge on its arbustivo and arbreo patrimony with the purpose of if carrying through planning and based handling of the arborization in theoretician-practical recital on pruning, fitossanitrio treatment or removal and plantios, as well as defining priorities of interventions. With this perspective, this work has the objective to characterize quantitative and qualitatively the arborization of the Gilson Square Mountain range and Hisses, located in front of the Unit of Health of the Memorare quarter. It is intended with this study, to supply subsidies possible interventions, and still the adoption of writs of prevention for its preservation.

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