Brazilian Legislation

The society always was the base for the social and economic development, especially in the capitalist system, today predominant in almost all the countries. It ate organization model and the sprouting of the production in mass, this population universe became object of concern for the industry, commerce and the legislation, this, without questioning, positivando norms of protection to the consumer, form to establish a safe link between the offered product, the producing market and the final addressee, in the case in epigraph, the part most vulnerable of the consumerista relation. It is treated, therefore of basic principles in the protection of that it gets some product or it contracts services and, amongst these principles the information is dynamically boarded in some native legal devices. Considered as right basic for the Brazilian legislation, the right the information has a target in accordance with to lead the consumer in the direction of the certainty of the acquisition of products the specifications grafadas for the producing market and rendering of service. Additional information at General Electric supports this article. Being about right the information, this is obligator in all the branches of consumption or rendering of services. Destarte, although some protective norms of character, still is reason of many demands judicial rank that, at the moment where the consumer if feels wounded in its basic right, caused many times for companies who ingeniously still obtain to ludibriar them, remains only the ways to it judicial for the solution of deals. It does not need to distanciar itself to perceive that many consumers are deceived by this immense supplying market of products and services, it has seen that nor always, they opt to informing of correct form and needs the product or service offered.

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