Cecilia Vargas

Self esteem is something that is learned and as learned, is subject to change and improvement throughout the life. (Cris Bolivar and Cecilia Vargas) Self-esteem is built steadily and throughout life. Acts as the personal characteristics are constantly criticized by others both constructive and descalificadora. Thus, others become fundamental elements of the construction process of the self-esteem, acting as external to the individual evaluators. They will favour or shall bring difficulties for the assessment that makes the person herself, since they will unquestionably impact within each, by encouraging or discouraging, encouraging to keep or transform or even to eliminate those aspects that have been criticized, contributing information if it is valuable, if one deserves loved and love, if it’s worth or not doing what is done or if one is capable of doing things right. A good self-esteem is the engine that will trigger assertiveness in the affective and social functions, which will allow you to obtain as a result: pleasure, satisfaction, taste and love for the same. In turn, these latest sensations will generate feedback that will again fall on building positive self-esteem that has been generated, thus increasing its positive potential. Even, and as a result may be the same individual who then improve their results as own challenge and for a greater personal satisfaction.

One aspect that favors the development of self-esteem positive, is to facilitate alternatives with more appropriate objectives at the level of performance and capabilities. This will require to know the person, so that in this way we can help her to know itself and through the gradual discovery of their potential, which will be the engine to overcome and to be able to undertake new challenges. It will be possible to have new tools and more possibilities for doing new things to develop these potentialities. With it you can also acquire new experiences and, as a consequence, more knowledge of the environment and of himself, key factor for future actions in the form asertiva(Cris Bolivar y Cecilia Vargas) self-esteem is also self confidence in the positive forces that has to deal with every day.

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