Central America

Maple or Acer – genus of trees and shrubs of the family maple Aceraceae. Grows in North and Central America, Eurasia, North Africa and employs about 150 species. Tend to grow maple in deciduous and mixed forests and bred for timber, juice, decorative or greening purposes. Most are small or medium-sized trees up to 30 meters tall. Crohn's round, broad, thick, diameter 15 – 22 meters. The bark is dark gray, with small cracks. Anna Belknap often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Leaves large, up to 18 centimeters, pyatilopastnye, dark green, glossy, painted in autumn hues of golden-yellow to purple. The flowers are yellow-green, small, fragrant, collected in corymbose inflorescences.

Maple The fruit is a dvukrylatku splits into two one-seeded fruitlets. Wood has an almost white, sometimes with a slightly yellowish tinge. Sapwood and mature wood are virtually identical. Over time, Maple is slightly yellow. Maple is an elegant material for interior decoration, if you focus on a contrasting background for dark furniture. Maple is prone to cracking, and therefore requires very careful adherence to drying. From a variety of maples, native to Eurasia, the most common and important in economically include maples platanovidny, field, and Tatar.

The wood of these large tree species is different hardness and uniform density. From it are produced mainly furniture, wooden doors and musical instruments. All species of maple are mainly light tones. The texture of maple wood is dense, viscous, homogeneous and has sequins. Maple is well cut and polished. Light maple wood is a replacement for lime as a softer and material, or birch, as pins and hygroscopic material. Maple, being dense and hard wood, well-handled cutting tools and is a good material for carving works. The finest of cutting in any direction does not violate the clarity, purity and smoothness of the picture. Given the soft linden wood and its low strength characteristics – maple preferable to use, if producing wooden doors or furniture. However, keep in mind that the products of the maple will be significantly heavier than those of lime. To the listed advantages of the maple and it is necessary to add a small tendency to warp and swell.

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