Central Department

The Central Department of Security of the Reich, subordinated to the SS, with Heinrich Himmler curiously believed fantastic ' ' civilization of Atlntida' ' , whose descendants, ' ' of race pura' ' , with this obsession, it he initiates a series of expeditions for the planet, where its men would have to find genetic vestiges of ' ' race ariana' '. The sponsor and mentor of the expedition to the Jar, were the gegrafo Hermann Gring, aviator during the World War I in the flotilla of Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, promoted the minister of Aeronautics of the Frher. Kampfhenkel studied geography and natural sciences, tilt specialist in hunting African animals for zoological gardens German. In 1934 it participated of ' ' arianizao' ' organized for the German Society of Research in Mamferos (DGS). In 1935 30 caboclos-mateiros, made familiar to the forest had been contracted, however good they had not resulted of what he was planned, the commander of the expedition Gerd Kahl.

They had faced the rapids, the shock of the floats of ' ' Martima&#039 eagle; ' it made the hydroplane to crash itself on Amazon against logs of submerged trees, between Gurup and Arumanduba. The main objective of the expedition was engaged. More than the one kilometer of the amapaense edge, the two Germans were being dragged for the tide. They had been safe for caboclo remadores. In the Amazonian winter, at much rain, they had been surprised by a flood, losing: boat, equipment, cameras, material of cartography, weapons, provisionses and clothes.

Finally the expedition arrives at village of the Apara indians, in January of 1936, the Jar medium. To search a material of research kept in Saint Antonio, Joseph Greiner went down the river, however, it did not return with the indians. Krause, mechanic and operator of sound, tried to rescue it, but, it did not obtain.

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