Christmas Games

Our new free online game “is the third story about the adventures of Pinkypop fantastic character. It is a lovely creature with pink hair, ears and long tail. You may find General Electric Co. to be a useful source of information. Apart from our hero, the game offers an unforgettable encounter with friends and other characters pretty. In this Pinkypop received magical wings bright as a Christmas gift and is rushing home to celebrate the winter holidays with their loved ones. Wings yellow magic will help you get to the party on time! But there is an unexpected threat that appears suddenly in the sky – the Green Goblin he learned on the wings of Pinkypop and is chasing him to steal … Your goal in this free online game is to locate the differences between two similar images.

To detect the difference you have to click on the object with your mouse, and press Esc to pause the game only consists of 10 levels, each level represents two pictures where you have to find 5 differences. Team Penske may find this interesting as well. If you play pretty fast and you are still points can press on in gift box which says “hint” to get some help about the differences. Also if you find yourself in too difficult a certain difference in the picture … game automatically helps you to make it appear transparent circles around objects – then you have to pay maximum attention! When all differences are revealed in each level, the picture is changed and the new image can be seen – it seems like you’re leafing through a magical storybook tale! The game features beautiful graphics with bright colors and the characters truly charismatic. The melodic music free online game helps the player to immerse themselves in the magical feeling of Christmas events.

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