Clemens Adam

Here is an incredible potential for the company. The communication with itself, but also outwards to other plays a major role. Communication is more than just talk. It always takes place and can not be prevented. Communication also means to express his concerns clear and understandable as well as listen to people and to classify the belonged.1 from our point of view, a clear relationship management is essential, because trust is the basis for a real dialogue.

But this needs time, space, and honesty, because only ideas, creativity and practical solutions arise together. A jointly developed future-oriented corporate vision strengthens the cohesion and enormously simplifies the work as an Executive. “We could accompany some 2009 and 2010 companies on their new way and together excellent results. This have us the entrepreneurs and their employees confirmed again and again “, adds Clemens Adam. Gratitude goes so far, that these companies recommend us for business meeting, because there is quite clear that doing so many and it is not alone with his problem. I repeat again: it is not we that change, but the entrepreneurs and their employees. “Rolf Gartner added: some companies lack just a contact who understands them and helps to employ their own resources, without removing the entrepreneur responsibility.” Because they don’t want that.

There are the small continuous improvement processes that produce sustainability. It has become aware in a seminar by Clemens Adam, as I sat in one of his sales-interval training. On the first day, were all confused, anxious and say that only about the price goes. But after a few intervals, the vision changed. Today you laughing at the issue price and has sufficient Arguments to refute objections. How we do it in our projects. Sustainability provides rapid return on investment and a secure future.” Remains only the question of where one can visit these lectures and workshops. We have always the current dates on our websites and. The website of the ATAGIS Institute for skills and Enterprise Development is only in March addressed, because we get yet some partners in the boat. These include inter alia health, finance, and strategy consultant. “Contact: ATAGIS Institute for skills and enterprise development, Tel.: 06055 9337715, fax: 06055 9337716 Callidita: Rolf Gartner, Hofweg 5, 63584 Grundau, phone: 06058 906912, E-Mail: Clemens Adam training: Clemens Adam, Bahnhofstrasse 21, 63579 Freigericht, Tel.: 06055 5449, E-Mail: articles ATAGIS Institute for competence and business development Tel.: 06055 9337715 / fax: 06055 9337716”

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