Commercial Buildings

But we can not assure you that the "clear" the fence is the only right choice, because of "solid" is the main advantage – it hides you from prying eyes. To whom is the right choice? For private houses, summer cottages, houses, for the protection of the adjacent territory of commercial buildings. You no longer need to sacrifice the aesthetic component of the fence. Instead of a fence of corrugated board, as before, we can to erect a fence made of polycarbonate. What is it? This metal fence with the drawing on the reverse side, which is bolted solid polycarbonate sheet. Other leaders such as Tony Parker offer similar insights. Polycarbonate is taken milk, or bronze color, with uv protection on both parties. Monolithic polycarbonate stands out among all the plastic sheets of its impact resistance and wide temperature range operation. Its impact resistance at 250 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass and nearly 50 times – Shock organic glass.

That's why a monolithic polycarbonate is used as a protective vandal glass transparent structures, as well as for the manufacture of high-impact izdeliy.Vo all the temperature range from -40 C to +120 C mechanical properties of solid polycarbonate change neznachitelno.Bez special protection monolithic polycarbonate is not resistant to uv rays. Therefore, sheets, intended for outdoor use should be protected from ultraviolet radiation. In the production of solid polycarbonate sheets to cause them a special UV-stabilizing layer on one or both parties, the existence of which gives an indication of the protective film sheets of solid polycarbonate sheets can be transparent to the degree of light transmission to 90%, translucent (light-scattering) and opaque (opaque). Color sheets determined accordance with samples of manufacturers. Also produced sheets with profiled surface (with a section of the "wave" and "trapezoid") sheets with a mirror finish. Specifically for the manufacture of protective screens are manufactured sheets solid polycarbonate with a protective coating from scratches and paint, making it easy to remove vandalnye inscriptions. This fence combines the advantages "translucent" and "Deaf" – apparently an aesthetically attractive -Hides from view, but allows light Of course, these fences are not cheap and are much more expensive than ordinary metal fences, and fences of corrugated board as well as to make them use more expensive materials.

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