Commercial Program

His can afford a commercial program or camp continuous. The staff of the change in shift is the same, there is an opportunity to learn about each counselor, read reviews, etc. All counselors to shift to the change through a number of educational seminars and professional educator taking jobs in the camps. If you decide that you can entrust your child’s counselor at the camp, the next question becomes – “How the same child will do? “There are also several options. Ancient. – Ancient because in some camps, the administration does not take the time coming up with much on each shift and new programs from one year to camp works by old and skated the program, and all the way as 50 years ago celebrated Neptune Day, according to the old program. In the camps you can go once more – will be interested.

And it is better to avoid the children did not like there were even 10 years ago and carry on the ancient holiday program is not interesting. Normal. – These programs take a standard bone – like KVN, Play-stations of the Olympics and counselors make just a little bit of diversity in these programs changing the conditions of the job, coming up with some new ones. Also, if there is a new idea, it must implement, yet innovation is not the main criteria for such programs. Innovation – it is possible only if the staff in the camp, which operate under the old program itself is not interesting. The main rule of these programs is “not to repeat!”. From a change to the change inquiring minds invent new legends, new games, new entertainment. Often it is the privilege of commercial software, as it is innovative notions constitute the main competitive advantage of children’s rest.

Also pay attention to what classes will be Encourage your child to: System service clubs, hobby groups. Foreign language classes sports activities, whether sports facilities for this, etc. And once you find the camp that meets all these tests, you with peace of mind you can order and pay for a ticket and wait for a happy baby and full strength after an active and memorable stay.

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