Judgment of the Oberlandesgericht Schleswig rechtskrafti in one yesterday (05.09.2013) before the higher regional court of Schleswig has negotiated Berufungsfall Commerzbank AG abandoned. Previously, the Bank against the judgment was appealed and blocked so the legal force of the judgment. To avoid a judgment of the Oberlandesgericht, directed against them, she has now pulled the emergency brake and withdrawn the appeal. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jorge Perez. This is a huge success, Helge Petersen pleased for the clients, and also for his law firm, this might have for the pending appeal cases signal character. The plaintiffs can now enforce the full investment against the Bank. In four further yesterday negotiated cases, it will go into a new round and be consulted in the context of a taking of evidence expert PMIA here contested roof Fund. The Bank is accused to have afflicted especially older customers, for the benefit of the Bank the exchange of real estate funds in the depot hausInvest against the newly established real estate funds may 2008 PMIA to carry out. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA usually is spot on.

While himself performed the now already 42 years proven hausInvest further crisis-free, the PMIA porcelains by Commerzbank, which closed only two years after launch, carried out today. Thousands of investors have suffered high casualties. Helge Petersen & Collegen fought so far extremely successfully for approximately 800 injured customers.

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