Completely Light

To donate versus Receiving. To donate versus Receiving. We are one alone soul in the vastness of the infinite sea of light. We are pure desires to receive. If it depended on us we would be thus infinitely. Receiving the maximum without effort some.

For us we would float in the sea of light without if mattering with nothing. Completely to the will without wanting to move a finger at least the not if this in the ones of this a still bigger pleasure. We would vegetate, or turn rock, what it matters since that some to go of meeting to the light was thus simply closed in a cocoon without will. But it does not depend on us (still well) and when the waves of shocks arrive until us, that we are reached by one avanlache of pain and blackout, that come of all the sides, for all the unimaginable cantos. We lose as most fragile of the things.

We lose the vital energy of the life and become vacant as you buzz agonized. does not advance nothing to dissimulate that it is not with you, when the vase is chacoalhado and shot for all the directions, it is not rock under rock. Or better, it is not nor a resqucio of the ditadora arrogance of I and the ego that is catch of surprise shake for it, slide slope below route to its empty and solitary world. its structure balances acovardada foreseeing clearly the final blow that will give end to its reign. perceives that the cocoon there, the shell flesh time fragile, is rightened, unstable and vulnerable. That all its desires burning hotly desired for itself do not pass of dreams mixed nightmares and that in the end they do not give in nothing. It discovers after all that it has that to have something wrong in itself or its way to be and to exist, but that now finally the hour arrived that everything can and must be changed starting for proper itself. Arriving at this conclusion it will only be able then to undertake the real search, that are the being, the bred creature and the creator who is your proper reason to exist.

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