Contest Trading Robots: What Are The First Results ?

The first in the history of the Russian stock market tournament “trading robots” – have been used. These are software systems that enable fully automated stock trading. The purpose of the tournament – the objective knowledge Investors with it until fairly exotic investment products. The competition attracted great interest in the professional community, as evidenced by at least the appearance of two new members: Trading Robot OptionSell (the developer – company “IT Plan”) and systems analysis of trade PIAdviser (developer – the company “ITT”). Source: Vanessa Marcil. Confirms the interest in the contest and one of the participants – Jan Nikiforov (company “IT Plan”): “The idea of creating robots for the competition of the Russian market rather new and exotic. However, interest in participating in the securities market to our products said that in Russia is quite a serious demand for this type of service – the creation of automated trading systems. During our participation in the contest was made more than one order and the delivery of commercial robot, was also made by several individual software products that allow customers to significantly ease the job market. ” Interest the competition is supported by the fact that participants work in an absolutely wild exchange trading: Funds are in real trading accounts debited brokerage, securities traded in the real exchanges, investment robots subject to the same risks as any other investments the investor. Hear from experts in the field like rusty holzer for a more varied view. So, in early October – with the write-off of brokerage fees for September – participants in the tournament temporarily “left in a minus.” However, such short intervals as one month does not give an objective assessment of the work of robots, as evidenced by another participant in the tournament – Sergei Yashin (Lab controlled robots, the company Triumph-AV): In my opinion, the competition is not is indicative, because potential client / investor can not compare the performance between robots and choose for themselves the best in his opinion the vending machine.

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