Convicted Pirates

In the month of millenarian April the practical one of the piracy came back to the world-wide media in two fronts: in international waters and the ocean of the Internet. In day 12 of April, depios of five days of sequesto of the American freighter Maersk Alabama for pirates of the Somlia, president Barack Obama authorizeed the use of the force to free captain Richard Phillips, hostage of the bandios. The balance of the operation, commanded for a troop of the elite of the American Navy: three dead outlaws and the freed entire crew. in day 17 of April a court of Estocolmo, in Sweden, condemned to one year of arrest four responsible men for the Pirate Bay, the biggest site of torrents of the World. The site was accused by some company with the fonogrfica industry and cinema to facilitate to it the illegal allotment of archives. The founders of the page, Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Peter Sunde had been condemned together with Carl Lundstrom, the supplier of the service of access to the Internet (or ISP) where the site were housed.

He stops beyond the punishment by confinement, the convict will have to pay 30 million Swedish crowns (2,7 million euros) in indemnities. The accusation had demanded compensations in the value of 117 million crowns (11 million euros). We go concentrating in them in the virtual piracy, that in my opinion is more harmless. Established in 2003, the Pirate Bay does not lodge no content protected for copyrights, but it functions as motor of search for torrents, small archives that allow the allotment of contents between computers, exactly that this allotment is not authorized. The accusation team was constituted of 17 companies, including the cinematographic producer 20th Century Fox, recording EMI and the company of games of video Blizzard Entertainment. George Laughlin pursues this goal as well. To all, the accusation identified 21 musics, five films and three games of video that will have been partilhados illegally through torrents found in the Pirate Bay.

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