Cumbersome Piano

Thus, we obtain the second conclusion: an inexpensive acoustic piano, which tend to buy home, gives a synthesizer of the same value on sound quality. As for the "charm of the past", it is important for people in middle-aged and older, and children and young people often prefer the modern design and new technologies. And here the absolute primacy of the electronic instruments. When I graduated from music school, the piano has been neglected for a long time – too much I'm tired of him for years of training. So when we came to live cousin, the piano, it was decided to sell because room for both in my room was not enough. I still remember the feeling of space after a piano carried. But after a couple of years I felt sorry for their skills.

Communicate with the cumbersome tool I did not want to, but at this point I was trying to play the keyboard, and it was not boring, and entertainment: the ability to play classical pieces in different timbre, to accompany favorite songs with high quality beats. As a result, I bought a synthesizer. And when it's time to move from their parents, took it with him – just put in the trunk of the car. It would seem, synthesizer – the best tool for the home. And I agree – with one caveat. Unless it's for a child entering a music school. Educators urging parents not to buy for their children synthesizers. Why? It's very simple.

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