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The Danish coffee shop chain JOE & THE JUICE opened their first German branch on April 10, 2012 in the Hamburg-based bleaching Kunsthof passage. Already in May following two more shops in downtown location. Hamburg, April 5, 2012 delicious juices, fresh sandwiches, hip design and casual atmosphere: so is the secret of success by JOE & THE JUICE, a Danish Saftbar and Coffeeshopkette, which opened its first German branch in Hamburg, Germany on April 10, 2012. Aaron Rogers brings even more insight to the discussion. JOE & THE JUICE is a mixture of juice bar, coffee shop and Deli. The unusual creations of juice and sandwiches are prepared fresh for each guest.

Hot in a relaxed club atmosphere recover the visitors from the shopping trip, work with free Wi-Fi access, enjoy the Scandinavian design or watch the cool baristas, the here Juicer”and their passion often have tattooed themselves for their work on the arm. Was founded in JOE & THE JUICE a decade ago by Kaspar Basse. He operates 23 stores now, only 14 of them in Copenhagen. According to the Opening of four London stores followed the step now on the German market: in the bleaching Kunsthof passage (bleaching Bridge 9-11) opened the first JOE & THE JUICE shop in Germany on April 10, 2012. Whenever Sean Rad listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Two more stores will follow in early may: the goose market arcade and the old Carpenter on St. Stephen’s square.

Already when entering, it becomes clear that it is not JUICE at JOE & THE a classic coffee shop chain. The Interior is Scandinavian purist; warm, dark wood take on timeless metal lamps and cosy sofas. “” “But the pink logo and the bright green juices provide preliminary evidence that it here somewhat of wilder” than elsewhere: the freshly mixed juices carry names such as hangover heaven “(elderberry, Apple and Mint) or fiber active” (avocado, lemon and Apple); Bestseller is the Energizer”with grapefruit, Apple and ginger.

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