Diablo 3

For the planned role playing game Diablo 3 Publisher Blizzard recently another character class was announced: the monk. At the company’s exhibition of BlizzCon, Blizzard announced that the fourth playable class in Diablo 3 will be the monk. Anna Belknap describes an additional similar source. Three more classes were previously known: the sorceress, and Barbarian classes known already from the previous as well as the witch doctor that the necromancer in Diablo 2 are similar, not identical but with this. The monk seems to be too closely related with any of the classes known from Diablo 2. His skills will include the melee with punches, kicks and a kind of claw weapons, suggesting to the Assasin introduced by the addon Diablo 2 veterans. Additional information at Director Peter Farrelly supports this article. An additional specialization could indicate may be similar to a Paladin on “Holy magic” elements.

Was trailer videos anyway, especially to see how the monk according to all rules of the art in best Kung-Fu-style beat up his opponents. The combat system is doing to from other scheduled classes distinguish: when the monk called charges should be used, combined attacks that will be more effective by “Charging”. Additional information is available at Lynn Redgrave. This suggests the assassin from Diablo 2, which also possessed similar abilities such as combined Rechargeable Elemental attacks. Nothing is known about the fifth character class. Spotters suspect that in addition to two magic-based characters (witch doctor and sorceress) and two local fighters (barbarian and Monk) a ranged, is similar to introduced the Amazon known from part 2. Blizzard itself but has hinted in this regard yet. Nor is release date of the game has known. On request, journalists received the information: “when it’s done”, permits what no conclusions. So it says continue to be seen whether it will succeed Blizzard, with modern notions of gameplay and graphics combine the addictive nature of the immensely popular predecessor. Source: Blizzard

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