Electric Wiring

Concealed electrical wiring, made flat wires are used for installation of lighting in homes, residential facilities of industrial enterprises and public buildings. In large-panel residential buildings allowed zamonolichivanie flat wire group network coverage in the panel walls, partitions and ceilings in their production in factories building industry. Hidden laying flat wires under the plaster is not permitted: in Ex all classes, especially in damp areas and in areas with a chemically active environment, directly on combustible grounds; in auditoriums entertainment businesses, clubs and sports facilities. Adam Sandler will not settle for partial explanations. Training course for the laying flat wire is the same as for other types of transactions. Others including Ben Bretzman, offer their opinions as well. Selecting and marking trails produced with the following requirements. Horizontal wiring on the walls should run in parallel lines of their intersection with the ceiling at a distance of 100 – 200 mm from the ceiling or 50 – 100 mm from the eaves or beams.

Descents and ascents to fixtures, switches and electrical outlets installed vertically in parallel lines of door and window openings or corners of rooms away from them no less than 100 mm. Wire to block the paving along the shortest distance from the junction boxes to lamps or in the cavities of concrete slabs overlaps. Hidden wiring mounted industrial methods with pre-harvesting on the production lines are completed with their materials and products for delivery to the facility installation. Preparation, completion and wiring is manufactured in accordance with process maps and plans of typical production work. They prepare their wiring with junction boxes, which operates and all the connections and branches. Industrial technology wiring is under the plaster consists of two stages. On the first – make all punching operation, installation, water-distribution devices and panel boards, laying supply line, the installation boxes and structures for mounting switches, sockets and wiring group network, the second (performed after the end of the main decorating) – install and connect switches, sockets, lamps, bells, buttons, electricity, and conduct all necessary tests of electric wiring and grounding devices. Installation of a network node group begin with the installation of lighting boxes, followed by laying pigtails to group panels, boxes and sockets for the installation of switches, sockets and light fittings. Nodes Related to a Group net flat, connect with each other by welding or crimping sleeves gao in junction boxes. In residential construction is widely used channel wiring. Channels for laying conductors, niche, nest to install panels, wiring devices and lighting fixtures and other devices for electrical wiring are formed in the wall panels, partitions and solid slabs with their production on house-building factory

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