Enterprise Strategy

The third strategy is of expansion, that it aims at to the chance consequentemente to increase and to maximize the business and to increase thus its yield and positioning in the market. However, Ansoff (1990, p.99) it makes alert on difficulties found in the implantation of the process of formularization of strategies, when affirming that: An important source of difficulties elapses of the fact that, in the majority of the organizations, the previous processes to the taking of strategical decisions are of nature highly politics. The strategy introduces rationality elements that disturb the historical culture of the company, and that they threaten the process politician. A natural organizacional reaction is to fight against the disturbance of the culture history and the structure of being able, in place to face the challenges created by the environment. This reaction has been wide observed during the introduction of the strategical planning in the companies. (ANSOFF, 1990, p.99) In short, the process of planning of strategies if has presented with peculiarities, between them, as described for Ansoff (1990), the trend of the strategical formularization to be on direct and exclusively to the high direction and interest in the excessively collaborating ones does not awake of the organization, much even so is had attemped to modify this context. References ANSOFF, H.I., the new enterprise strategy.


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