Esplanade Museum

The entertainment in the plaza never stops and is incredibly picturesque. Among many others, there you will find charmers of snakes, tatuadoras henna, tells stories, diviners, scribes, cross-dressing dancers, acrobats, linkages or spiritual masters exposing his teachings, street dentists, hurls, tamers of monkeys, as well as all kinds of musicians and dancers, amusement fair, magicians or sellers of traditional potions. 6 & 7. BAY & BADI PALACES. The Bahia Palace consists of a succession of luxurious apartments and landscaped courtyards. The sumptuousness and the elegance of the interior gardens are unmatched and ornaments and decorations are simply sublime. In addition, the property is surrounded by 8 acres of gardens. On the other hand, the Badi Palace today is day practically in ruins but retains all its magnificence in the immense Esplanade with ponds and is surrounded by fortifications, a design inspired by the Alhambra in Granada.

You can also admire the dexterity of Moroccan artisans in the wood work of the minbar of the Koutoubia exposed in one of the restored pavilions. 8 MUSEUM DAR SI SAID. Thanks to its structure and its decoration, this traditional residence, built at the behest of if Said Ben Moussa, Minister under the Regency of the Chamberlain and Grand Vizier Ba Hmad, constitutes a magnificent testimony of Moroccan domestic art from the last decades of the 19th century. This Museum hosts popular art of Marrakech as well as the Berber villages of the surrounding area. 9. MAJORELLE GARDENS.

The Majorelle gardens were created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, who settled in Marrakech from 1922. The gardens have been completely rehabilitated. The bougainvillea, Cypress, los cocoteros, a forest of bamboos and a fantastic collection of cactus create a really spectacular botanical scenery. The ancient villa of painter, art-deco style, it has been converted into a Museum of Islamic art and there is also a charming Cafe-restaurant.

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