EuroMillions: Burgenland Cracks Europot And Win 46.2 Million

A game participant from Burgenland cracked on Friday March 5, 2010, only one, the Europot, and WINS exactly 46.258.004,-euros. Others including Tony Parker, offer their opinions as well. This is the third highest win in the Austrian gaming history. Only a Carinthian with more than 55.6 million in 2008 and a Steirer with exactly 50 million euros in 2009 could enjoy even higher profits for, a game of Austrian lotteries. The Burgenland the sixth Austrian managed the euro Lotto is the 5 plus 2 right already”to tap; almost to the day exactly one year after the last Austrian Europot profit. The Burgenland game participant with a euro Lotto normal Bill, on which he had crossed four tips came to success. The second tip was exactly that combination was drawn on Friday: he the bet slip already four weeks 12, 18, 19, 43, and 49 as well as 3 and 9 had played the numbers ago with a run of five draws.

In the fourth round, the big gain was a now. The crack also you Europot – simply register on win2day and give tips! You can also do this directly on. Win2day. you can incidentally also comfortably touch your Lotto numbers. It pays off, because Lotto a triple jackpot there on Wednesday, March 10, 2010. 5 million waiting for the lucky winner.

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