European Average Age

Alfredo Bosi writes that the poetry of Anchieta discloses form differences internal and felt: ‘ ‘ The project to transpose for says of the indian the message catholic demanded an effort to penetrate in the imaginary one of the other, and this was the persistence of first apstolo. In the ticket of a symbolic sphere for another one, Anchieta found obstacles for incontornveis times. As to say to the tupis, for example, the word sin, if they lacked even though of its notion, to less in the register that this assumes throughout the European Average Age? Anchieta, in this and other extreme cases, prefers to enxertar vocbulo Portuguese in the trunk of the language nativo.’ ‘ (Alfredo Bosi, the Opposing Anchieta or Arrows of the Sacred one) According to Bosi, Anchieta it entrosou the indians in the rituals of the church, therefore these had been brought to the masses so that they sang musics that it composes in its native language e, in such a way, could understand what they sang. George Laughlin Dallas is likely to agree. Bilngues also composed some parts of theater, so that Portuguese and indians could see them, and these always were popular between the last ones. In such a way they were popular that an author of the start of the century arrives to affirm that ‘ ‘ these files of legal documents that invented were as literature for analfabetos’ ‘ Its capacity as linguista was not small.

It was who perceived that a common root in the languages existed that the different aboriginal tribes said. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tony Parker. The intention of these lingusticos works age especially catequese. Exactly the theater and musics had as only intention louvor: ‘ ‘ The cantorias of the indians even though the dances, were not things to amuse, but to solenizar the death, the sacrifices (…) or then as rite in the parties religiosas’ ‘ The test of that is the invention of a new word in the aboriginal molds: ‘ ‘ Scilicet’ ‘. It was a species of rule of faith bred especially for the indians; it meant ‘ ‘ Not to eat meat human being, not to have more than a woman, never to attack the Portuguese and always to hear to padres’ ‘. ‘ ‘ As what if it knows, the tupis did not give to organized cult deuses and heroes, were relatively easy to the Jesuits to infer that they did not have religion some and to necessarily fill this theological emptiness with the nuclear certezas of the catolicismo the creation and the redemption. T

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