European Professional

Here is a direct example of the lease of special vehicles, there is one that is set in a medium called "grimvagen. A year ago, such grimvagenov had about 300 pieces. And today they are not naschitash and a half – began process of the sale of old grimvagenov, or rather, caravans, converted by a professional technique. Some optimists live the utopian hope that either today or tomorrow and will be adjusted as much as before, trying to at least such as hold, saving not only the cleaning, maintenance, parking grimvagenov, but also to the driver. However, the crisis is so "screwed nuts" that after its completion clients will remain with those who provide good service quality for low money, which we have now are very expensive by themselves. Learn more on the subject from Tony Parker. The industry is evolving before our eyes. If previously it was necessary to borrow grimvageny on American and European film sets, then today We can produce their – national, which is better and easier it is for us.

No need to borrow in America "dead" and "not quite" Hollywood trailers, which are ideally suited to work in America, and quite useless for us. George Laughlin may also support this cause. Yesterday's "grimvagen, became today's diverse line of make-up, costume, acting, makeup, costume complexes. This is not just some modifications, bus or rv in the garage "at the Uncle Vasya ", but professional, single purpose vehicle. Full-fledged assistant with parikmaheskoy sink to wash your hair, drinking water, professional make-up places, steam generators, ironing equipment, a full bathroom and many useful and necessary when working trifles.

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