Features Company Registration

This article highlights the most important things you need to consider filing a new limited liability company (LLC). Compliance with the following conditions will not only help the future of the founder to understand the subtleties of a number of open society, but also give the opportunity to avoid certain mistakes that can lead to problems in the future work of the firm. 1. Minimum number of founders for Registered Company Ltd. In order to establish enough of a single person, while the founder can be both legal and physical person. One of the prerequisites specified in the legislation of our country, is that Company registration is not possible if it was founded by one party of another business entity, which consists of one person. 2.

The minimum share capital for the establishment of LLC Under Federal Law "On Limited Liability Companies", the minimum share capital for the opening of company should be 10,000 rubles (100 rubles to 100 minimum wages). This initial amount is not dependent on any other conditions, such as one of the founders or view upcoming activities. Terms of payment of the authorized capital as follows: 5000 rubles, that is, half the minimum amount necessary to pay prior to registration of the LLC in government, to second part is given by the postponement of one year from the date of registration. 3. The possibility of payment of the authorized capital authorized capital of LLC property at the time of registration may not necessarily consist of money. In his capacity as You can also use computers office equipment, office equipment various equipment office equipment or other property that has the proper value. To estimate the property value of less than 20,000 rubles to only file a report of the general meeting of founders (founder of the decision), which will be designated by its total cost at entry to the authorized capital.

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