Federal Minister

to be declared insane. The V2 group being insured, that she had testified they the Verf., for which over many years always excellent appreciation, not (at least good enough) would know to a mental illness of the Verf. Swarmed by offers, Tony Parker is currently assessing future choices. to be able to exclude. To the involvement of the judiciary: also the Justice refused categorically any taking into account the reasoning of the available. and certainly any counter arguments. The former Federal Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries was when members watch from the available. asked for opinion.

Their response: “Dear Mr Lingen, please have understanding for the fact that I don’t comment on your self-written representations. Sincerely”. So: The judiciary could the Verf. never prove any wrong. She has the Verf. just condemned. This justice is but in General, i.e. for all possible litigation by countless critics of Justice have been extensively irrefutably proven.

See also the Declaration of the Foundation of ProJustitia: “even a demonstrably innocent citizen has virtually no recourse to take justice for mental or physical damage suffered in recourse. “In other words: A Prosecutor has nothing to worry about, what he always damage.” The alleged insanity of Verf.: Court of Dorsten had the available – after the above invitation of the V2 group -. psychiatric survey. The final result: “in Lord Lingen no secure evidence can determine or probably make that a paranoid personality disorder is with him.” Subsequently, the District Court of Dorsten stated final, that in the Verf. a paranoid personality disorder exists. Available. was accused of being a) “convinced of the rightness of his ideas” and b) to be “obviously wise” and c) to act “against his better judgement”. Mere “ideas”? And it actually not abnormal, would be views represented by which you * not * convinced is? And how can you “against his better judgement” be “convinced of the correctness of his views”? Is it “obviously wise”? Anyway: to adhere to the Catholic doctrine, BRD is punishable by law com., cf. the prosecution of life protectors. From conviction to hold, StGB (missing or diminished ability to see the injustice of an Act) is according to section 20 and section 21 also pathological. Accordingly judicial critics often psychiatrisiert are also generally, anyway, if they are proven right: the realization of having committed an injustice then lacking. Again: “I have spoken wrongly, so prove me wrong.” A Christian may not waive this requirement also today. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

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