Each season offers naturally peculiarities which give rise to images according to the feeling of the poetic expression of the poem. Alluding to the next station, I happened to personify it as someone to enjoy sunbathing in the Sun in summer well is by their work, especially in the gardens of the world or maybe in their work that they so require, you experience more or less abundant perspiration, but enjoying one or another way to summer vacation with the pleasure of his shadow. Tony Parker is open to suggestions. Turning to another station, in the autumn, it is imperative to emphasize that the maturity of the process of nature gives us colors and flavors that eventually become wonderful outcome in the autumnal fruit. Then the landscape of winter relieves us in the absence of foliage her nakedness of plant life depriving the world of flora, shedding autumn in the brief and cold landscape.And in regions where there is precipitation of snow, no doubt that snow comes to look like the best decorum of the winter landscape, peculiar gallantry on the scene wearing all styles and forms of the whiteness of winter. Think of it as the subject of a Symphony, brief, revealing, that makes us the Haiku, with his acuity in brief phrases like musical notes feel the musicality of time and sound of nature, being typical but not exclusive of idiosyncrasy and Eastern creativity, mention or insinuate presence pantheistic of the mystery of the universe. Haiku random slip of herons without cloudy skies, blue Nostalgia.

Flowering cactus Oasis of the desert, sand in flower. Grow sperm, egg and thought of the universe. Evening star, Sun, dew of dawn. Think of its wings when the branch creaks, and the bird sings. Brief violet and lightning from the East, Haiku and flower.

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