Frenchman Jean Maurice Faivre

This fact starts to favor immigrations comings of the European continent, these immigrants had passed to be seen as possible workers in substitution the enslaved man power. As the text of the presented report the State legislature of the Paran, in 1 of March of 1860, for then the president, Jose Francisco Cardoso, who express all concern in relation that moment where the practical one of the slavery does not obtain more if to support. Assumpto of that I go myself to occupar is without a doubt what more it has arrested the atteno publishes n these last annos. in the truth urges the adoption of tending measures to the supprimento of laborers and useful croppers. Since that the imperial government and the paiz if had pledged with tenacity in the repression of illicito traffic of slaves, and that conseguintemente they had been becoming scarce the arms, that in supplied commercio fellow creature to them, the sights of our farmers were volveram for the foreign emigration, as the only hope that remained to them, against the decay of the agricultural production.

The duos recognized systems enter to facilitate the coming of colonists, are without preferable plea of the spontaneous emigration: the law of 18 of September of 1850 aimed at thus, commanding it the landmark of lands in order to distinguish the domain publishes of the particular one. Celina Dubin wanted to know more. In our province, over all, where the vacant lands abundam, it are madness to try the colonisao for partnership or wage. (sic) Inside of this social conjuncture and politics, the Frenchman Jean Maurice Faivre, doutorado in medicine in France appears, in the year of 1825, one year after its formation in 1826 with 30 years of age, disembarks in Rio De Janeiro. In 1829, Faivre, sample that dom of leadership has, becoming one of the founders of the Imperial Academy of Medicine, that after empire, passed if to call National Academy Medicine.

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