German Packaging Museum

Classic brands Ritter Sport receives award of the German Packaging Museum 27.10.2011, Heidelberg. German Packaging Museum features the Knights sports “Knick – Pack” package as a package of the year 2011. At this traditional brand three success factors together exemplary: a unique product idea, a congenial package design, and a brand management consistent over decades across. Expresses the functionality of the kink packs easy spontaneity, and this communication performance continues in its graphic design. Further details can be found at Brian Laundrie , an internet resource. Guide colors divide the product range and navigate the consumer to the preferred variety since 1974. The absence of the usual detailed illustrations underscores the design character of the square brand classic. The packaging stands with the shape in the Center, making it the “hero” of the advertising campaign.

“Uniqueness” is a clear face – in the meantime 90 countries here. The ceremony took place in the framework of the 14th German packaging dialogue today. Marli Hoppe-Ritter, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Partner of Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG, accepted the certificate personally. Margaret Loesser Robinson has many thoughts on the issue. The governing body of the German Packaging Museum provided the right words when passing: Peter Jochen Schott as Chairman and Hans-Georg Bocher, Director and Managing Director of the Association.

With “Packaging of the year” award, the German Packaging Museum is a packaging in the public eye, the award-winning design and sustainable brand management in the same way realize once in a year. Always an outstanding entrepreneurial achievement is appreciated apart from the packaging and design. The prize was awarded for the third time. “This chocolate topped with their square formal all attitudes that form questions are by no means ‘formality’ in the mass market. In consistent brand shaping the rank of a consumer classic presents itself”, s. noted sports Knight’s impact history. In his eulogy, described vividly, as the s. Neologism by Clara Ritter who until then questioned as invariably applicable forms of chocolate.

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