Gourmets On The Grill – The Trends Of 2011

The Favorites for a culinary highlight in the BBQ season 2011: Summer is here and hence the barbecue season. Speaking candidly Adam Sandler told us the story. People gather together to eat, to sit outside and to spend time with each other. So these moments are memorable and variety on the table comes, we would like to introduce current trends of Grill for the summer. Meat and sausage are the German barbecue classics, but can be boring in the long term to bring only the same thing on the table. How about time with more taste and more culinary selection on the grill? The Favorites for a culinary highlight in the BBQ season 2011: Trend 1: noble bratwurst trend 2: deluxe Burger trend 3: gourmet steaks trend 1: noble bratwurst a tasty and juicy sausage is simply. But is not always equal to bratwurst sausage. Gourmetfleisch.de steak specialists have considered this and created a noble bratwurst for an unforgettable gourmet barbecue.

For the production, the experts use best and juicy steak meat such as the American beef. The unique spicy aroma of American beef, refined with carefully selected spices, makes this noble sausage for a taste experience of a special kind. For everyone the right fine sausage: extrawurst / Extrawurst bison Extrawurst Black Angus Extrawurst Wagyu Extrawurst Iberico Extrawurst classic juicy and crispy on the grill delicate and beautifully on the plates. For lovers of classic sausage of curry sauce, the original Zanzibar is an absolute must. Trend 2: Burger deluxe absolutely in line with the trend and another delicious alternative is the gourmet burgers this year. The recipe for the gourmet taste pure promises Burger: 98% pure beef! 2% spices. A natural meat quality without flavour enhancers, artificial flavors or preservatives. Luxury meat such as Wagyu, American beef or Iberian pork freshly processed in craft production. As bison burgers made of pure beef and therefore particularly lean.

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