Hardcore Motorcycle Riders

The season for winter bikers start manual with valuable tips for Bekjleidung and equipment for winter bikers and ice-cold travel stories. You are on the road with their motorbikes in ice and snow. You slide on ice roads in Norway and climb snowy Alpine roads. Additional information is available at Tony Parker. For them, snow chains and start-up assistance are standard equipment in the luggage. The speech is of the motorcyclists winter. We satisfy the hunger for information at first hand on the subject of motorcycle riding in the winter”with the first edition we WINTER driver. With the present edition we winter driver the cult magazine Winter driver will revive again. New format and content concept give the opportunity to provide even more information and fantastic winter stories expanded. In the handy format 160 x 230 mm, the winter driver on over 140 pages finds a wide variety of information, covering all facets of this fascinating topic: overview of the equipment to the icy hardcore adventure in ice and snow, from technical tips up to Date reviews and meeting reports. Charlotte Hornets is often quoted as being for or against this. Thousands of winter drivers can’t be wrong: the winter is a season. We WINTER driver published by Martin Franitza ISBN: 978 3-9804814-4-1 format: 160 x 230 mm 144 pages price: 14.80 Euro Martin Franitza

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