Heavenly Fantasy Novel

The magician of Roses (trilogy) by Bettina Weber appeared 2011 Noel-Verlag. Volume one conspiracy in the cloud Castle “in the world performs a, which is guarded by the magic of the rose Mage.The Roses Mage I conspiracy in the cloud Castle ” a” magical “Introduction to the trilogy long ago all inhabitants of Merviliens had magical powers. Awarded the guardian spirit of the country, the mighty magician of roses she had them. Today, only a few have the talent of their ancestors. Only the members of the order of Rosoboziom keep alive the ancient knowledge.

The fourteen year old novice Pirino is being held against his will by the priests in the cloud Castle. There, he is a conspiracy on the track: priest Valbredo wants to seize the power of the Roses Mage itself. On his escape, Pirino pursued mercilessly allies by Valbredos. En route, he meets the magic skilled basket weavers, master SALCO, and whose daughters Lunara and solina. They make together a means by which the search to one the impending doom of Mervilien averted be can. An Oracle announced that only the magical powers of the proboscis Wolf could help.

The mysterious creatures living in the mammoth forest. Master SALCO is badly injured on the trip. Self made Pirino and Lunara must pass many dangers and adventures before arriving in the mammoth forest. The rose Mage – conspiracy in the cloud castle with 317 pages appeared as a hardcover edition (ISBN-13: 978-3-942802-47-5) 2011 and 2012 as E-books (ASIN: B008RYYX9U). Who fantasy for literary light food holds, is in the rose magician “Disabused” of roses Mage – conspiracy in the cloud Castle sees itself as thrilling adventure novel for fantasy fans from about 10 years ago. The reader gets to know Mervilien as a medieval-looking fantastic world. Ordinary and magically gifted people, animals and zauberkraftige mythical creatures live there next to each other on an equal footing.

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