Henri Bude

Follow-Abbe, defies explanation. It destroys the tombstone, making thus, barbaric blasphemy, which can be regarded as a great sin, because of its ecclesiastical dignity. Obviously, this deed, Henri Bude could not justify, because, after these events, in manuscript, there is a clear cooling to Berenger Sauniere. His subsequent records relating to each other, are becoming very scarce and, ultimately, go to 'no'. You can summarize them as follows. Sauniere continued his studies in the ruins of the castle Blanchefort.

They had found an old, stone slab, which could be a cover of an ancient tomb. Vanessa Marcil recognizes the significance of this. That rested under that plate, Bodo is known is gone. But tracked one amazing fact. Sonru financial condition has increased considerably. The source of his income, and to this day remains a mystery. He began to behave like a noble dignitary and significantly improve the lives of the inhabitants their village. Came running water and good roads.

He became the founder of the village library, which include a village, it was very difficult, according to the riches and rarities contained in it, books. Was completed restoration church. And after work, which cost a lot of money, the sight of her was more than strange. Log in God's temple, was decorating a terrifying statue of Asmodeus, who, according to legend, was the builder of Solomon's temple, as well as the guardian ancient treasures. A portico, decorated to scare all Latin inscription 'This place is awful. " More entries Henri Bude, not a single record relating to Berenger Sauniere.

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