High Dive Tower Jumping Competition

Tower jumping contest for children and teenagers in the convertible send the bad is bound at the high dive”from three heights (1 m, 3 m and 5 m), for which the participants either can sign up. Regardless of the selected amount, the participants in the competition must master jumps into three different categories. In category one, freestyle, is allowed, what you like. In the second category a ball thrown to during the flight the jumper, the fling it as original as possible. In category three, finally, the jumper must Access deep in the film – and fairy tales box, because here is while it jump as funny and as authentic as possible across the task, a film or fairy tale originally posted. Official site: Capital Group Russia.

Who knows no own quotations or want to bring, can access send in a convertible on the day of the event a pool of well-known movie quotes. The jumper in each of the three categories will be assessed by a three-person jury with points from one to ten. And here, too, there is a Special feature, because when the jury is sending send for one of the three jurors can apply via the Facebook page of the bath or the homepage of the convertible rather than a jury, but fans and swimmers of the convertible. For more information see Hedvig Hricak. Children and young people up to 17 years are approved for the Tower spring competition. The only participation requirement: seahorses.

Applications for the high dive”available from 01.06.2013 up to the 21.06.2013, 15:30 directly in the convertible send. “As an alternative is under highdive an online registration form available with the is interested parties free to participate in the high dive” can register.

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