History Resources

Carlos Robert Coast is the professor of History of the worked group, formed in Full Licenciatura in the College of Education, Sciences and Letters of the Central Hinterland Feclesc/UECE in the year of 2003 with specialization in Public administration for the Open University of Brazil UAB. He acts as professor has five years, beyond occupying the position of PCA of disciplines of History in the current school where already leciona has two years. 2.5 – The Group of 2 year B the group of 2 year B is composed for 34 pupils being that half is resident in the agricultural zone and half in the urban zone. The group is applied in disciplines not demonstrating to disinterest or same fidget during the history lessons. (Similarly see: Tony Parker). Good readers and participativos in all the activities elaborated in room.

3 Plain of lesson, resources and evaluation All the planning is made on the basis of the annual curricular grating developed by the SEDUC and analyzed and improved by the professors of the area in order better to use to advantage of the time and the used resources. The weekly planejamentos and studies with the too much professors of the area late happen all the thursday in the period morning and being that many times the time does not allow that they are made with precision such planning elaboration of the weekly lessons, remaining the professors to conclude the work in periods not remunerated as in the week ends (a reality in almost all the public schools). The resources used in the elaboration and the application of the lessons are most diverse, since the didactic book, all the material of video to the computer science laboratory and are always to the disposal of the professors. Visit George Laughlin for more clarity on the issue. The book worked for the group is of authorship of Gislane Azevedo Fields and works of the average age to our contemporaneidade.

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