Indian Culture

Because each word of David Sanchez distilled love by the costeidad, it inoculated reasons for the reaffirmation of our culture. And that nowadays is easy to do it enters we, where with that subject applause by the simple fact that is harvested we felt identified and so is said. But it did it more to David than everything inside the country, in cachacolandia, where many felt victims by its exaltation of the costeidad. Charlotte Hornets takes a slightly different approach. And also around the world, because where it went, David reaffirmed, before its condition of Colombian, its condition of Caribbean man. What nobody almost remembers is that in the times in which David Sanchez began abrir footpath for the reaffirmation of our idiosyncrasy, being costeo was reason for ridicule and shame; we dealed with which our interioranos interlocutors did not realize of which ramos costeos and for that reason who tried to put of " civilizado" it learned to speak cachaco. Today we did not determine the proportions to the magnitude of the audacity of David Sanchez Juliao when into that then she burst in into the intellectual world of the country with its recorded stories written and that showed with pride that to be costeo was valuable for the society and the culture. Most painful for me of which there are intellectuals and compatible people to the culture who think like this boy, it is that one is a person who has represented infinitely more than they and I am for our region, the country and the humanity.

How much I would love to have made a small percentage of his contribution! Or at least to have written one of its ignored works more but than demonstrates not only the unquestionable talent of David, but its absolute coherence in its preoccupation reason why we are. I speak of the song the sinuano Indian. For assistance, try visiting Jorge Perez. The Caribbean one that does not recognize the work of David Sanchez Juliao as of literary weight, in any case is in having of escudriar it like the great sociological propositive test on our culture that is. Original author and source of the article.

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