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Experiences of migrants' Gazette. Overseas Property ', Simon Cooper, 04/03/2009 Once I had the opportunity to travel to Japan with a friend living there, Brit. Whenever I run into another problem, such as why Tokyo is simply impossible to find at home, as soon as wanted to go home. But my friend had behaved differently. Margaret Loesser Robinson has firm opinions on the matter. He looked in a textbook of Japanese grammar, which has always carried with him, tried to follow, it would seem Europeans inscrutable Japanese logic and find this most delightful explanation. A friend of mine belonged to the country as a person with whom you want to make friends. I thought he was doing free advertising in Japan.

Now I understand that he was the perfect 'visitors'. Since then, many years passed and he still lives in Tokyo and seems happy. About 200 million people (ie 3% of the total world population) live outside the homeland, and the number of emigrants growing. Special activities marked this year – the economic crisis is forcing job seekers to pay attention to those countries (markets), which previously they might have ignored. 'In the last quarter of 2008 – beginning of 2009 saw an influx coming to work in countries that previously were not popular – Libya, Syria, Yemen, Mongolia, and parts of China and South America "- said Richard Tyrrell, a member of International Company for relocation Going-there. According to polls conducted in Iceland (which also did not escape the crisis), a third of the population is thinking about emigrating.

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