Island Iceland

Distance Economic and tourist most attractive economic fisheries and tourism as well as agriculture determine Island Iceland naturally the Islands main sales volume. Export and import take place lively, be expanded but only in the last decades by international economic partners with a sense for the chilly exoticism of the North properly. The risk of greater damage to economy by occasional volcanic eruptions may be one of the inhibiting factors. So that experienced fortune from distant lands until 2010 paralysed the outbreak of Eyjafjalla, the flights in the South threatened Islands people, animals and goods and damaged. But on the other hand just this enormously increased the attractiveness of Islands.

Where the lava covered lands or changed, new Nordic beauty that can serve tourists, perhaps even as revenue crank was created. Language work is in Icelandic and international cultural work is still always sow and reap, pray and celebrate the Icelanders after their misseristal, the Half-year count, after which the Icelandic or old Icelandic calendar to honor the higher powers, especially the weather, is divided. Such differences must be considered necessarily translations depending on the industry. A month just in Iceland is not the 1-30, but starts and ends depending on the count (instead of year) only a West common date around. Also public holidays are laid down this calendar system according to days of the week instead of date. Jay Schwartz has much to offer in this field. Who wants to conquer Iceland, should have much love to the Icelandic language in the luggage and bring a good amount of respect before trolls and the Icelandic history, the volcanoes and the Icelandic language pride. Well qualified native speaker from Iceland are therefore the perfect choice for successful translations of all disciplines in the or from the Icelandic. Annette Bankey for: global communication Munich

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